Joseph Rullier. Agé de Cent Six And et Cinq Mois, Né le 6 Avril 1673. Au Bourg St. Maurice en Savoye.

Method Etching
Artist J. Le Roy after J. J. Hubert
Published Avec Approbation de Mgr. Le Lieutenant Général de Police. [n.d. c. 1779]
Dimensions Image 200 x 131 mm, Sheet 222 x 146 mm
Notes Profile portrait of Joseph Rullier, aged 106, facing to the right, and set within an oval. He wears a buttoned up coat, and hat. The oval in which the portrait it set is inscribed with his age, and date and place of birth, with a ribbon along the top of the oval. Below, a tablet inscribed in French gives a few details relating to Rullier's life.

Joseph Rullier, born 6th April 1673 in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, was a French centenarian, and a lieutenant general in the police. His father was also a centenarian, who lived to the age of 103 and 10 months.

Condition: Trimmed to plate mark.
Framing unmounted
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