Johannes Gadburius

Method Copper engraving
Artist [Anonymous]
Published [Published by James Cottrel, London, 1662]
Dimensions Image 170 x 135 mm
Notes A bust portrait of John Gadbury, turned to the right, wearing a large lace collar over a doublet and cloak, he is sitting before a curtained window with the night sky in the background. Frontispiece to Gadbury's "Collection of Nativities", first published in 1662.

John Gadbury (1627-1704) was an English astrologer. He was born in Wheatley in Oxfordshire and studied at Oxford. Gadbury met astrologer William Lilly and returned to Oxford to study astrology. Within a couple of years Badbury had set up his own astrological practice in London and published "An Emendation of Hartgil's Astrological Tables", which he dedicated to Elias Ashmole. His relationship with William Lilly eventually soured over political and ideological differences and the two often attacked each other in their works. Gadbury wanted to make astrology more methodical and specialised in natal astrology. His "Collection of Nativities" was the first work of its kind, with detailed analysis of how the composition of the stars in the sky at the time of someone's birth influence their personality, with examples of well-known people.

Inscription to oval decorative border: "JOHANNES GADBURIUS ... OXONIÆ. ANNO MDCXXVII"

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Condition: Excellent impression. Oval cut-out and laid to album page with manuscript border, side margins and bottom part of frontispiece with Gadbury's horoscope missing. Minor overall time toning.
Framing unmounted
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