Jane Duchess of Gordon

Method Mezzotint
Artist William Dickinson after Sir Joshua Reynolds
Published Published Feb 28th, 1775, by W.Dickinson.
Dimensions Image 278 x 325 mm, Plate 278 x 379 mm, Sheet 278 x 379 mm
Notes Jane Gordon, Duchess of Gordon (1746-1812) was the 2nd daughter of Sir William Maxwell, 3rd baronet of Monreith, Wigtownshire, and Magdalen Blair of Blair. A political hostess and agricultural reformer, Jane married Alexander, 4th Duke of Gordon in 1767. She was a supporter of Pitt and a close friend of Henry Dundas, Lord Melville, such that some bellieved they were lovers. Dundas is said to have managed her affairs for her in London while she did the same for him in Scotland.

William Dickinson (1746 - 1823). Mezzotinter, began his career with Bowles and was awarded premium of Society of Arts in 1767. In 1773 he set up as his own publisher and from1779-81 in partnership with Thomas Watson, in 1797 went bankrupt, and emigrated to Paris where he died in 1823.

Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) led the eighteenth-century art world as first President of the Royal Academy and Britain's leading portrait painter. In his attempt to raise the status of portraiture, he created the Grand Manner which borrowed from classical antiquity and the Old Masters to fill his portraits with moral and heroic symbolism. An incredible socialite, social climber and self-promoter, Reynolds used his contacts to advance himself. Appointed President of the newly established Royal Academy in 1768, his annual lectures - or Discourses on Art - had a lasting impact on the contemporary theory of art and practice.

Chaloner Smith 28 ii/ii, Russell 28 ii/iii, Hamilton p102, O'Donoghue 2, Le Blanc 19, Lennox - Boyd ii/iii

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Condition: Light rubbing
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