Ite at illi excuntes abierunt in Porcos [Christ healing two possesed men at Gerasa]

Method Etching
Artist Jan Van Orley
Published [c. 1685]
Dimensions 192 x 249 mm, 205 x 253 mm
Notes A depiction of Christ healing two possessed men at Gerasa, as described in Matthew, chapter 8. Christ and his apostles come across two possesed men, who instantly fall at Jesus' feet. The demons inside them identify themselves as "Legion" which means that their are many. They request to be sent into the pigs instead of being doomed, the pigs however cannot stand the presence of the demons and run of a cliff, taking their own lives.
From the series Scenes from the New Testament, produced by the brothers Jan and Richard van Orley in c. 1685. The series exists of 28 plates, but was intended to have 32, which is why the numbering of the prints can vary.

Jan van Orley (1665-1735) was a Flemish painter and printmaker. He was the son and pupil of Pieter van Orley (1638-1708), and the brother of Richard van Orley (1663-1732), who he often collaborated with. Originally a painter of miniature portraits, Van Orley produced tapestry designs and many large religious works after the destruction of churches during the bombardment of Brussels by Marshal de Villeroy in 1695.

Hollstein Dutch, Richard van Orley, 28.

Condition: Strong impression. Slight overall time toning. Trimmed within plate mark. Tear to top left.
Framing unmounted
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