Is Sebastopol Armageddon?

Artist Daniel Nihill
Published London: Piper, Stephenson & Spence, and Houlston & Stoneman, 1855.
Dimensions Duodecimo: 170 x 118 mm
Notes Inscription below title reads: The Place Spoken of Revelation XVI cap. 16 v.

Rev. D. Nihill's tract forms a response to a letter which appeared in the Eddowes's Shrewsbury Journal on the 24th January, 1855. The letter draws a comparison between the apocalyptic prophecy of the gathering of the grapes and the Crimean War; or rather, the Hebrew term for vineyard which translates as Crim. Reverend Nihill's text attemps to subjoin this letter by linking aspects of the siege of Sebastpol to the Book of Revelations and the potential onset of armageddon.

The Reverend Daniel Nihill (1791-1867) was a British scholar and theologian. He was the Rector of Fitz, Shropshire and published works such as Angels: An Investigation of What Is Taught in Scripture concerning Them, as well as Prison Discipline in its relations to society and individuals, as deterring from crime, and as conducive to personal reformation.

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