Method Copper engraved
Artist Porro, Girolamo after Porcacchi, Tommaso
Published [Venice, c. 1575]
Dimensions 105 x 143 mm
Notes A map of the British Isles engraved by Girolamo Porro for Tommaso Porcacchi's L'isole più famose del mondo. The map is decorated with a cartouche and several sea monsters. Above the map, the title in Italian appears below a decorative section divider, and Italian text below provides an account of navigation.

Inscription above print: 'Descrittione Dell'Isola D'Inghilterra'.

Girolamo Porro (c. 1520-1604) was an Italian engraver active in Venice and his native Padua, working predominantly as a map engraver for Tommaso Porcacchi, and Girolamo Ruscelli.

Tommaso Porcacchi (1530-1585) was an Italian humanist, geographer, translator, and author, chiefly remembered for his atlas, L'isole più famose del mondo descritte da Thomaso Porcacchi da Castiglione arretino e intagliate da Girolamo Porro padouano con l'aggiunta di molte isole. As a young man, he studied in Florence under the patronage of Duke Cosimo I. In 1559, he moved to Venice, translating works from Latin and Greek into Italian, on behalf of publishers including Ludovico Domenichi and Giolito de Ferrari. His treatise on the islands of the world included some of the very earliest maps and plans of the new world, including North America, Mexico, and Temistitan, the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.

Condition: Slightly light impression.
Framing unmounted
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