Method Woodcut
Artist Moretti, Giuseppe after Rosaccio, Giuseppe
Published [Bologna, Costantino Pisarri, c.1724]
Dimensions 127 x 84 mm
Notes An unusual and rare miniature woodcut map of the British Isles, from Rosaccio's Teatro del mondo e sue parti cioe Europa, Africa, Asia, et America. The map is relatively crude in respect of its cartographic detail, and likely inspired by portolan charts of the British Isles. The isles are divided into the Kingdoms of Inghilterra (England), Walia (Wales), Scotia (Scotland), and Hibernia (Ireland). Cornwall (Cornubia) is also labelled. London, Dover, the Thames, Lancaster, and York (Eboraco), among others, are plotted in roughly the right locations, though Hereford (Arforda) is depicted in Pemrokeshire, and Scotland is badly truncated, making Edinburgh appear to be at the very northernmost point of the country. A number of the Scottish islands, the Isle of Man, and the Isle of Wight are depicted, and the French cities of Calais and Bologne are plotted in Picardia.

This particular example is the final and rarely seen second issue of the second state of Rosaccio's map, recut by Moretti in 1688.

Giuseppe Rosaccio (1530-1620) was an Italian cosmographer, physician, and publisher. In addition to acting as publisher for one of Ruscelli's edition's of Ptolemy's Geography, Rosaccio also authored and published a number of his own works of geography, astronomy, astrology, and exploration. Chief amongst these are the Teatro del mondo e sue parti cioe Europa, Africa, Asia, et America, an atlas of the world, and Viaggio da Venetia, a Costantinopoli, a travel account combining elements of the traditional isolario with pilgrim's tales and the chronicles of explorers. The Teatro was a particular success, being reissued by a number of Italian publishers numerous times between 1595 and 1724, under various different titles.

Shirley 188.

Condition: Minor surface abrasion to block. Italian letterpress text on verso.
Framing framed
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