Incas of Peru.

Method Copper engraving
Artist [Anonymous]
Published The Gentleman's Magazine, London, August, 1752.
Dimensions Image 182 x 100 mm, Sheet 200 x 123 mm
Notes A sheet with six bust length portraits portraits in ovals of: Huayna Capac, Huáscar, Atahualpa, Charles V, Philip II, Philip III with titles above.

Huyana Capac 1464/8-1524) Inca ruler.

Huáscar (1593-1532) was son of Huyana Capac the Inca ruler from 1527-32. He died of small pox.

Atahualpa (c.1502- July 26, 1533) was the last of the Inca rulers, his rule ending with Spanish conquest.

Charles I of Spain (February 24, 1500 – September 21, 1558), known more generally as Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor was ruler of the Holy Roman Empire from 1519 and of the Spanish realms from 1516 until his abdication (voluntary retirement) in 1556.

Philip II, King of Spain (May 1527 – 13 September 1598) was King of Spain (kingdoms of Castile, Navarra, this one disputed by the French and the Crown of Aragon) and Portugal, Naples, Sicily, and, while married to Mary I, King of England and Ireland. He was lord of the Seventeen Provinces from 1556 until 1581.

Philip III, King of Spain (April 15, 1578 - March 31, 1621) He was also, as Philip II, King of Portugal, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia and Duke of Milan from 1598 until his death in 1621.
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