Method Copper engraving
Artist [Anonymous]
Published Published Feby. 1, 1785, J. Sewell, Cornhill.
Dimensions Image 150 x 90 mm, Plate 175 x 113 mm, Sheet 211 x 132 mm
Notes A half length portrait of Sir William Hershel in a oval wearing a frock coat and powdered wig, a telescope, a globe, and chart of the solar system below from the European Magazine.

Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 1st Baronet KH FRS (7 March 1792 – 11 May 1871) scientist, chemist, and astronomer, he was the son of William Hershcel. In addition to his work as an astronomer, he also made contributions to photography. An accomplished chemist, Herschel discovered the action of hyposulfite of soda on otherwise insoluble silver salts in 1819, which led to the use of "hypo" as a fixing agent in photography. In 1839, independently of William Henry Fox Talbot, Herschel also invented a photographic process using sensitized paper. It was Herschel who coined the use of the terms photography, positive, and negative to refer to photographic images.

O'Donoghue 25
Framing unmounted
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