Guilielmus Outramus S.T.P Ecclesia S.ti Petri apund WEstmonasterienses Canonicus.

Method Copper engraving
Artist Robert White
Published 1697
Dimensions Image 150 x 93 mm, Plate 153 x 103 mm, Sheet 188 x 112 mm
Notes Frontis to his Twenty Sermons.

William Owtram (baptised 1626 –1679) was a Church of England clergyman who published notable theological works. He rose to lead the church of the House of Commons - St. Margaret's, Westminster.

Robert White (1645-1703) was a draughtsman and engraver. Born in London and was apprenticed to David Loggan, whose position as the leading line engraver for the print trade he later inherited. His output was huge, and in fact has never been fully documented. White's principal activity was as a portrait engraver. He usually engraved these from his own drawings, made from life in black lead on vellum. The majority of his portraits were made on commission from publishers who used them as frontispieces for books. As well as frontispieces, he engraved book-plates, almanacs and architectural views. His son, George White, was also an engraver.

O' Donoghue 1.

Condition: Trimmed within platemark on the right hand side.
Framing unmounted
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