Geography. Plate CCXII.

Method Copper engraved
Artist Bell, Andrew
Published [1797]
Dimensions 223 x 193 mm
Notes From the 'Encyclopædia Britannica'.

Inscription reads: 'An Analemma, Shewing the time of Sun rising & Sun setting, the length of the Days & Nights, and the point of the Compass on which the Sun rises & sets, for every Degree of Latitude, and for every Degree of the Suns North & South declination.'

Chart features a rotating part, added later.

Andrew Bell (1726-1809) was a Scottish engraver, printer, and publisher, best known for the numerous copper-engravings he produced for the Encyclopædia Britannica, a work he co-founded with Colin Macfarquhar. Bell was an eccentric, emphasising his small stature by riding the largest horses available to him, as well as obscuring his abnormally large nose with a false one made of papier-mâché. By the 4th edition of the Encyclopædia, Bell had produced over 500 plates on all subjects, including a series of three for the entry on 'midwifery' that so shocked King George III that he ordered them destroyed.

Condition: Good condition, although some time toning to edges of sheet. Rotating piece a later replacement.
Framing mounted
Price £70.00
Stock ID 40515