Frederic Henry, Prince d'Orange, Mort à La Haye, le 14 Mars 1647. agé de 63 ans.

Method Copper engraving
Published AParis chez Odieuvre, Md. d'Estampes, quai de l'Ecole, vis-à-vis la Samarit.e alal belle Image. CPR., c.1740s
Dimensions I. 65 by 55mm, Pl. 140 by 90mm, 240 by 160mm
Notes A Portrait of Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange (1584-1647), Captain- and Admiral-General of the United Provinces, and Stadtholder of Five Provinces, the period of Frederick Henry is regarded by many historians as being a Golden Age in Dutch History with a massive expansion in Dutch Commerce, the capture of Hulst and Breda from the Spanish and his efforts to secure peace with Spain, which was achieved after his death in 1648.
Framing unmounted
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