Fran.s Vivares...

Method Copper engraving and etching
Artist Francois Vivares and James Caldwall
Published Published by Vivares according to Act of Parliam.t April 4 1776
Dimensions Image 192 x 152 mm, Sheet 203 x 161 mm
Notes Below title reads the inscription: Natus in Pago Sti Johannes de Bruel in Rouergue 14 Julii 1709 Genevam Missus 1741 Unde Angliam petit An; oct; 18 et Londini Artem oeneis excudendi tabulis didicit.

François Vivares (1709-1782) was a French landscape-engraver and publisher. He moved to London in 1727 and his earliest dated print is 1738. Vivares had a very high reputation in France, where he was regarded as one of the greatest landscape engravers, and key teacher of the British school of line-engraving.

James Caldwall (1739-1822) was an engraver who studied under John Keyse Sherwin. Known mainly for his portraits, although he also engraved genre and military pictures, he used a combined technique of engraving and etching. Between 1768 and 1780, Caldwall exhibited twenty-nine works at the Free Society of Artists and one at the Society of Artists.

O'Donoghue 1

Ex. Col.: Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd

Condition: Trimmed within plate.
Framing unmounted
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