Francis Lolonois

Method Copper engraving
Artist Herman Padtbrugge
Published William Crooke at the Green Dragon, London, 1684.
Dimensions Image 167 x 125 mm
Notes An uncommon portrait of the Pirate, Francis Lolonois, turned to left facing the viewer with a sword in his right hand with a scene of a ship battle, a town on fire, and people slaughtering people from Alexander Exquemelin's 'Bucaniers of America'.

François L'Olonnais (1635-1669) was a French pirate, active in the Caribbean and known for his cruelty towards the Spanish.

Herman Padtbrugge (1656-1686) was an engraver who mainly produced naval scenes for publications such as "Leeven en Daaden der Doorluchtigste Zee-helden" (Heroes of the Sea, their lives and deeds) and "De Amerikaanse Zee-rovers" (The Buccaneers of America). He was the son of printmaker Dionysius Padtbrugge, and was active in Amsterdam and Stockholm.

Condition: Trimmed within the plate and tipped to another piece of paper, small loss to bottom right margin, not affecting the image.
Framing mounted
Price £200.00
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