For weighty Numbers, Sense misterious wayes of happie Wit, Great Cleavland claimes his Baies

Method Copper engraving
Published Sepultus Colleg: Whitintony. 1. May Ano:1658
Dimensions Image 105 x 71 mm, Plate 125 x 80 mm, Sheet 139 x 88 mm
Notes John Cleveland (1613 - 1658) was an English poet. A staunch Royalist, he opposed the election of Oliver Cromwell as member for Cambridge in the Long Parliament, and lost his college post as a result in 1645. Joining Charles I, by whom he was welcomed, he was appointed to the office of Judge Advocate at Newark. In 1646, however, he lost this office. In 1655 he was imprisoned at Yarmouth, but released by Cromwell, to whom he appealed, and went to London, where he lived till his death.

O'Donoghue undescribed
Framing unmounted
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