[Feria III Post Domin. Passionis. Non ascendit ad festum Iesvs: querunt eum Iudaei]

Method Copper engraving
Artist Antonius Wierix after Bernardino Passeri
Published c. 1593
Notes Inscribed below image with a legend, lettered A-G, with descriptions in Latin

From the Evangelicae Historiae Imagines; an illustrated guide for prayerful meditation on the Gospels, after Bernardino Passeri and Marten de Vos. It was compiled by the scholar and Jesuit Jerome Nadal, (1507-1580) at the behest of St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556). The series was published in Antwerp in 1593 by the publishers Christophe Plantin and Martinus Nutius. In 1594 and 1595 Evangelicae Historiae Imagines was republished entitled Adnotationes et Meditationes in Evangelia.

Antonius Wierix (1555/9-1604), was a Flemish printmaker and publisher, and member of the Antwerp Wierix family who made engravings after well known artists, including Albrecht Durer. His brothers Jan and Hieronymous were also engravers.

Bernardino Passeri (1577-1585) was a painter, designer, engraver and print publisher. He was mostly active in Rome. Amongst his achievements were a set of fifty plates he designed delineating the life of St Benedict. They were engraved by Aliprando Caprioli and published in 1579.

Condition: Trimmed within the plate and title trimmed from top.
Framing unmounted
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