Femme du Port des Francais

Method Copper engraving
Artist After Jean-François de La Pérouse
Published [Published in Paris, L'imprimerie de la Republique, 1797]
Dimensions Image 395 x 250 mm, Sheet 450 x 287 mm
Notes View of an native from Little Bay in Alaska, sitting under a tree in primitive clothing, another girl in profile sitting behind her and two ships and three more people in the background. Originally produced for Jean Francois La Perouse's 'Atlas du Voyage de la Perouse' published in 1797. Gaspard Duche de Vancy (1756-1788) made the initial drawing for the print, which was then reduced down by Jean Michel Moreau (1741-1814) and eventually engraved by Vincent Langlois.

Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse (1741-1788) was a French naval officer, who followed in Captain Cook's footsteps by setting sail in 1785 and exploring the Pacific Ocean. Even though he died during a shipwreck in 1788, his reports on the expeditions as well as maps and views he drew up along the way were saved and published by Jean Michel Moreau (1741-1814), Philippe Triere (1756-c.1815), and L. Aubert in 1797 in 'Atlas du Voyage de la Perouse'.

Jean-Michel Moreau (26th March 1741 - 30th November 1814) was a French draughtsman, artist, and engraver, particular known for his work as a reproductive engraver of Old Master and French baroque painters. He provided plates for Diderot's Encyclopedie, as well as for the works of Boucher, Gravelot, and Cochin. Despite the turbulent political times in which he lived, Moreau flourished under both Royal and Revolutionary patronage. Despite his sympathies with the Revolutionary cause, he continued his work under the Bourbon restoration, gaining a royal appointment under Louis XVIII.

Condition: Creases to the edges of the sheet, not affecting image.
Framing unmounted
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