Entrance to All Souls College, and St. Mary's Church from the High Street.

Method Aquatint
Artist Thomas Malton
Published [Thomas Malton, c. 1803]
Dimensions Image 306 x 239 mm, Sheet 326 x 240 mm
Notes A scarce print showing the entrance to All Souls' College, St. Mary's Church, and All Staint's Church in the distance, from Malton's Views of Oxford, one of the most important aquatint books; however, the work was never completed as Malton died in 1804 just after he published six of the engravings for the fourth part of the work. Six plates had already been engraved in etched state in preparation for the next part and these unfinished plates appeared together with the 24 aquatints when the entire work was reprinted in 1810.

Thomas Malton (1748 – 1804) was the son of the architectural draughtsman Thomas Malton the Elder (1726-1801). Like his brother James Malton (d. 1803), Thomas worked in the office of the celebrated Irish architect James Gandon (1743-1823). Malton exhibited at the Royal Academy chiefly architectural views of great accuracy of execution. He published in 1774 A Royal Road to Geometry and, in 1792, A Picturesque Tour through London and Westminster. He also ran a drawing-school where he taught perspective drawing to J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) and Thomas Girtin 1775-1802).

Condition: Trimmed to the image top and sides and just under the title; upper left corner missing.
Framing mounted
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