Embarquement A Douvres.

Method Lithograph with tint stone
Artist Victor Adam, Louis Pierre Alphonse Bichebois, Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager after Édouard Pingret
Published Paris, chez Chaillou. Imp par Lemercier a Paris. 1846
Dimensions Image 280 x 405 mm, Sheet 415 x 545 mm
Notes A view of the harbour at Dover depicting the visit of the French King Louise Philippe to Queen Victoria in 1844. In the foreground the crowds gather around the docked steamer. Rows of soldiers line the crowds, protecting the King and Queen, seen standing on the quayside. In the background the outline of Dover Castle can be seen through rain clouds.

Victor Adam (1801-1867) was a French painter and lithographer. A native of Paris, Adam studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, and also in the ateliers of Meynier and Régnault during the years of 1814 to 1818.

Louis Pierre Alphonse Bichebois (1801-1851) was a French writer and lithographer specialising in landscapes. He is most famed for his engraved views of the banks of the Seine.

Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager (1841-1879) was a French painter, most famed for his maritime scenes. Throughout his life he was a Captain within the French navy. He was one of many naval officers who accompanied the fleet which brought Napoleon's remains back to French shores in 1840. Durnad-Brager spent many years travelling with the navy, painting the places he visited, as well as naval battles he was involved in.

Édouard-Henri-Théophile Pingret (1785-1869) was a French painter and lithographer. Born in Saint-Quentin, Pingret studied under famed artist Jacques-Louis David as well as spending time at the Academy of Saint Luke in Rome. He exhibited in the Paris salons from the early 1800's onwards most known for his portraits. In 1808 he painted the portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Condition: Some time toning and foxing to sheet.
Framing unmounted
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