Elizabeth Canning.

Method Etching
Published [c.1753]
Dimensions Image and sheet 112 x 92 mm
Notes Half-length portrait of Elizabeth Canning, set within a decorative roundel, and with a banner below inscribed with her name. The illustration was originally featured in the London Magazine, and was shown alongside a portrait of Mary Squires, the gypsy that Canning had accused of her supposed abduction.

Elizabeth Canning (married name Treat; 1734–1773), was an English maidservant who claimed she had been attacked by two men near Bedlam Hospital, kidnapped, and held against her will by Susannah Wells and Mary Squires. After apparently being kept in a hayloft for nearly a month, Canning is said to have escaped and returned to her mothers house. Wells and Squires were tried and found guilty, but were later released when queries around the case arose. Canning was found guilty of perjury, and sentenced to one month's imprisonment, and seven years of transportation. Canning became central to one of the most famous English criminal mysteries of the 18th century, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance is still unsolved.

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