East Front within the Court

Method Copper engraving
Artist Tobias Martin Miller
Published James Paine Archt. T. Miller Sculp. [London, 1767-1783]
Dimensions Image 195 x 325 mm, Plate 245 x 380 mm, Sheet 375 x 570 mm
Notes A finely engraved architectural view showing the east front of Dover House, Whitehall, from the interior of the Court, from James Paine's Plans, elevations and sections of Noblemen and Gentlemen's Houses. The House was originally built as a townhouse for the politician and landowner, Sir Matthew Fetherstonehaugh, Baronet, during the 1750s, but was remodelled a number of times during the later eighteenth century, for the Duke of Montagu, for Prince Frederick, Duke of York, and finally for Viscount Melbourne, whose family owned the house until 1830. Viscount Melbourne's heir, William Lamb, was married to Lady Caroline Ponsonby, whose affair with Lord Byron was widely publicised. From the 1830s, the building became the Scottish Office.

Paine's Plans, elevations and sections of Noblemen and Gentlemen's Houses was published in two volumes, in 1767 and 1783. Fully illustrated with over 70 plates, the books provided detailed large scale architectural patterns of his most significant architectural projects. In style the plans closely resemble their popular predecessors from Campbell, Woolfe, and Gandon's Vitruvius Britannicus, providing architectural enthusiasts with a further canon of Palladian designs, including interior cutaways and details of bridges, follies, temples, and other subsidary buildings in addition to the elevations of stately homes.

Tobias Martin Miller, born Müller, (fl.1753-1804) was a German-born engraver who moved to England in the 1740s with his brother Johann Sebastian Müller, who was also a prolific engraver. Tobias Miller predominantly engraved architectural plates, contributing to most of the important architectural works of the late eighteenth century.

James Paine (1717-1789) was a British architect, and one of the leading lights of the Palladian style during the Georgian era. Paine's architectural output suffered in his later years owing to the changing taste for neoclassical designs fostered by the Adam brothers, so his attention was redirected to the publishing of two volumes of architectural engravings showcasing his various commissions.

Condition: Minor chips to edges of sheet.
Framing unmounted
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