Cunard Tandem

Method Woodcut
Artist Clarke
Published Clarke Eng Leicester c. 1887 [2013 impression]
Dimensions Image 680 x 995 mm, Sheet 740 x 1055 mm
Notes From an edition of 8
Engraved in the block Clarke Eng Leicester

A fantastic large-scale woodcut of a pair of ladies seated upon a Cunard Tandem, printed from a block carved on the bottom of a desk.

No record of the original print has been traced.

Cunard bicycles and tricycles were made by Frank Gibbons at St. John's Works, Wolverhampton. A wide range of machines were produced including tandems. The advantages claimed for the company's tandems included an even distribution of weight between the wheels in a single or double form. The machines were easily convertible to singles or a third seat for a child could be added. The width could be easily reduced to 27 inches by removing a fly nut so that the machine could pass through a narrow doorway. The company had sale rooms at 79 Chancery Lane, London and its products were available at the City Cycle Company, 62 Bridge Street, Manchester.
Framing framed
Price £400.00
Stock ID 30716