Method Stipple
Artist William Holl
Published [London: Printed for Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange; and Sherwood, Neely, & Jones, Paternoster Row, 1819]
Dimensions Image 52 x 42 mm, Plate 80 x 135 mm, Sheet 235 x 138 mm
Notes A miniature portrait of Columbus, from "The Biographical Magazine; Containing Portraits of Eminent and Ingenious Persons of every age and nation, with their lives and characters".

William Holl (1807- 1871) was an English artist, portrait and figure engraver.

Christopher Columbus (c. 1451-1506) was master navigator who made four voyages from Europe to the Americas between 1492 and 1500. Even though he was not technically the first European to set sail and travel to the Americas, his discoveries opened the door for European exploration and colonization of the area. His expeditions were sponsored by Ferdinand II and Isabella I of Spain, but his nationality has long been deputed between scholars, as little is known about his early life. He was the son of the Domenico Colombo, a wool merchant who was mainly active in Genoa, and Sussana Fontanarossa. Together with his brother Bartholomew, he started working as a chart maker for the Portuguese merchant navy in 1476. Columbus soon started going on trade expeditions in Europe with the marine. It was not until 1484 that Columbus would start looking to cross the Atlantic, and after several rejections of sponsorship, he was finally able to obtain the support of the Spanish monarchs in 1492. The intention was to find a sea route from Spain to China, India and the Spice Islands, to provide the empire with herbs and spices, gold, places to explore and conquer as well as people to convert to Christianity. In reality Columbus ended up exploring the Caribbean, including parts of the Bahamas, Cuba and Jamaica.

Condition: Miniature oval portrait on full sheet. Biography of Columbus underneath the image. Slight overall time toning, mainly to the edges of the sheet.
Framing mounted
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