Cirencester (From the Ordnance Survey 1831)

Method Lithograph with original hand colour
Artist Netherclift, Joseph
Published J. Netherclift Lithog. 54 Leicester Sq. [c.1832]
Dimensions 280 x 280 mm
Notes A map of the administrative boundaries of the town of Cirencester, published as part of the parliamentary reports concerning the 1832 Reform Act, which introduced wide-ranging changes to the electoral system. The Old Borough boundaries are outlined in green, the proposed new boundary in red, and the boundaries of the full Parish in brown.

The Reform Act of 1832 was designed to "take effectual Measures for correcting diverse Abuses that have long prevailed in the Choice of Members to serve in the Commons House of Parliament." Its chief objective was the reduction of the number of nomination boroughs, thus accurate mapping of the new boroughs was required. The maps produced used the Ordnance Survey and Robert Kearsley Dawson's survey work as their foundation (and bear his signature), and often show boundaries of proposed boroughs and those of the parishes and townships.

Joseph Netherclift (1792-1863) was a British engraver, artist, printer, and draughtsman, who worked predominantly in lithograph. He is known principally for the series of town plans he produced for the Reform Act of 1832, which were published under the title 'Reports from Commissioners on proposed divisions of counties and boundaries of boroughs.'

Robert Kearsley Dawson (1798 - 1861) was an English surveyor and cartographer. Born in Dover, Robert was son to Robert Dawson, also a surveyor, and studied at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. In 1816 he joined the Royal Engineers, and took part in the triangulation and mapping of Ireland and Scotland under Thomas Colby between 1819 and 1829. In 1831 he was recalled to England to survey the boundaries of the proposed Parliamentary Boroughs for the Great Reform Act, producing a series of 178 city and borough plans.

Condition: Vertical fold, as issued. Creases to right margin, not affecting map. Minor time toning to sheet. Text offsetting on verso, otherwise blank.
Framing unmounted
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