Carel Rabenhaupt

Method Copper engraving
Artist Christian van der Hagen
Published [Jacob van Meurs and Johannes van Someren, Amsterdam, c.1675]
Dimensions Image 192 x 149 mm, Sheet 197 x 154 mm
Notes Portrait of Carl von Rabenhaupt, turned slightly to the right, and facing forwards. Wearing military dress, he holds a baton in his right hand, which rests against his hip. In the background, a battle is taking place. Plate from Lambert van den Bosch's "Tooneel des oorlogs, opgericht in de Vereenigde Nederlanden" (1675)

Below the image, four lines of Dutch text giving details on von Rabenhaupt.

Carl von Rabenhaupt (6 January 1602 - 12 August 1675) was a Bohemian Hussite nobleman who fought in Saxon, Dutch and Hessian service during the Thirty Years War, and came out of retirement to command a Dutch regiment in the Franco-Dutch War.

Condition: Trimmed just inside plate mark.
Framing unmounted
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