[Bookplate for John Durand]

Method Etching
Artist William Sharp
Published [c. 1749-1790]
Dimensions Image 90 x 75 mm, Sheet 123 x 88 mm
Notes A rare etched coat of arms with a rampant lion holding a sword, in a decorative setting with a tiger and with the rampant lion repeated at the top. The inscription in the banderole at the tiger's feet indicate that this was the coat of arms of John Durand. This was probably a bookplate or "ex libris", placed near the front of a book to reveal the book's owner.

The Durand family was a noble family originating in Normandy, emigrating to England after the invasion in 1066. Members of the family spread out to settle in different counties, each eventually developing different coat of arms.

William Sharp (fl. 1749-1824) was an English engraver. He apprenticed to Barak Longmate, who was a heraldic engraver. Sharp started up his own shop in Bartholomew Lane, working as a prolific book-illustrator and producing many ex libris or bookplates, trade cards etc. In 1771 he studied at the Royal Academy Schools, and ended up becoming one of the most distinguished line engravers in Britain.

Condition: Overall time toning, surface dirt build up and staining.
Framing unmounted
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