Berry Mead Priory, Acton, Middlesex. For sale by auction by Farebrother, Clark & Lye.

Method Lithograph
Artist Frederick Jones & Day & Son
Published 1856
Dimensions Image 187 x 275 mm, Sheet 263 x 356 mm
Notes Berrymead, the earliest recorded residence in Acton, was gifted by Henry VIII to the Russells of Bedford. Occupants included the Marquesses of Halifax and the Dukes of Kingston. In 1802-3 the house was Gothicised and renamed The Priory. By 1982 it was derelict, and was demolished in 1984.

Louis Haghe and William Day were the most famous Victorian firm of lithographic printing in London. They created and printed lithographs dealing with a wide range of subjects, such as hunting scenes, architecture, topographical views and genre depictions. They pioneered the new techniques for chromolithography as well as hand-tinted lithographs. In 1838, Day and Haghe were appointed 'Lithographers to the Queen'. After William's death in 1845, the firm became known as 'Day & Son'.
Framing unmounted
Price £90.00
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