Method Copper engraved
Artist Wagner, Matthias
Published 1686
Dimensions 266 x 340 mm
Notes A very scarce map of Asia, presented on an engraved roller, and bordered with vignettes of various botanical specimens from the region. The map itself features a number of cartographic peculiarities, most notably the depiction of Japan and Sakhalin as a peninsula. The top roller of the map is decorated with ribbons, and the bottom roller curls back behind the map. Beneath, a small settlement surrounded by an arbour of trees is populated by a group of naked figures and a large bull. Beside this, four types of plant are featured, the most unusual being a representation of the mythical vegetable lamb of tartary, which was believed to grow from the earth on a long stalk like a flower. The lamb would spend its whole life joined to this stalk, eating the grass around the plant.

Matthias Wagner (1648-1694) was a German publisher, printer, bookseller, and map-maker, based in Ulm. His life and works are relatively obscure, though he is primarily known as the publisher of a number of travel accounts by Willius.

Condition: Central vertical fold as issued. Minor creasing and staining to central fold. Trimmed close to plate mark on bottom right and left margins as issued.
Framing unmounted
Price £1,400.00
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