Method Copper engraved
Artist Porro, Girolamo after Magini, Giovanni Antonio
Published [Venice, c. 1598]
Dimensions 125 x 170 mm
Notes A map of Asia, from Giovanni Antonio Magini's edition of Claudius Ptolemy's Geographia, published c. 1598. The entire map is criss-crossed by numerous rhumb-lines. Above the map, the title in Italian appears below a decorative section divider, and Italian text below provides an account of navigation.

Inscription above print: 'Vniversal Descrittione Dell'Asia'.

Girolamo Porro (c. 1520-1604) was an Italian engraver active in Venice and his native Padua, working predominantly as a map engraver for Tommaso Porcacchi, and Girolamo Ruscelli.

Giovanni Antonio Magini (1555-1615) was an Italian scientist, cartographer, and chair of mathematics at the University of Bologna. A prominent geocentrist, he was a correspondent of many notable contemporaries, including Tycho Brahe, Kepler, and Ortelius. His commentary on Ptolemy's Geographia, with accompanying copper-plate maps by Porro, appeared in Latin in its first edition in 1596, with the first Italian translation by Leonardo Cernoti printed in 1598.

Condition: Strong, dark impression. Small rust mark to lower centre.
Framing unmounted
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