[Arcduchess Hildegard of Austria, Duchess of Teschen with Child]

Method Aquatint with Engraving
Artist Wich and Schöniger after Hugel
Published J.N. Hugel pinx. Gedruckt bei Wich. Galvonagrafiert von Leo Schöninger, c.1850
Dimensions I. 220 by 180 mm, Pl. 310 by 230mm, S.550 by 410cm
Notes A Portrait presumed to be Arcduchess Hildegard of Austria, Duchess of Teschen (1825-64) with Child. Hildegard was the wife of the sucessful austrian Field Marshal, Archduke Albrecht, the victor of the battle of Custozza in 1866. The Child could be one of the three born to the couple; Arduchess Maria Theresia (1845-1927), Archduke Karl (1847-8) and Archduchess Mathilde (1849-1867), who tragically died in her teens when she hid a cigarette in her dress during a family party. Her clothes caught fire and she died of burns in front of her whole family.
Framing unmounted
Price £50.00
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