Method Stipple
Artist Jean Baptiste Michel after Rosalba Carriera
Published Publish'd Sept 1st, 1783 by John Boydell, Engraver in Cheapside.
Dimensions Image 158 x 126 mm, Plate 185 x 139 mm, Sheet 192 x 146 mm
Notes A half length depiction of the god Apollo turned to left holding a lyre, wearing a mantle secured by a strap across his ches and wearing a crown of laurel leaves with the inscription below the image: 'In the Carlo Marratt Room at Houghton.' along with the dimesnsions of the original painting. A plate from the 'Houghton Gallery' series (1774-88), 162 prints after paintings in Robert Walpole's collection, sold in 1779 to Catherine the Great.

Jean Baptiste Michel (1748-1804) was a French-born engraver who almost exclusively work for Boydell during his time in London (1774-1786).

Rosalba Carriera (January 12, 1673 - April 15, 1757) was a Ventian Rocco painter who specialised in miniatures and later pastel portraits.

Condition: Spots of glue residue in corners on verso.
Framing unmounted
Price £175.00
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