Anne Marie Schurman

Method Copper engraving
Artist Pierre Dupin after Theodor Matham after Anna Maria van Schurman
Published [Michel Odieuvre, c.1720-56, but later impression]
Dimensions Image 121 x 94 mm, Plate 140 x 100 mm, Sheet 255 x 175 mm
Notes Three-quarter length portrait of Anna Maria van Schurman, turned to her right, but looking towards the viewer. She wears an embellished dress with a lace collar, a pearl necklace and bracelet, and her curly hair at shoulder length. Her left hand rests upon a table, with books, paper, and writing implements beside. Curtains frame the figure, and the window set to the right of the composition reveals a view of Utrecht.

Two lines of French inscription give details on Schurman's birth and death: "Illustre Scavabte Nee ... Agee de 71 ans"

Anna Maria van Schurman (1607–1678) was born in Cologne, but lived most of her life in Utrecht, where she became the first woman to attend university in Europe. She published books on theology, philosophy, studied medicine and over ten languages, and was also a multifaceted artist, who studied engraving under Magdalena de Passe, was known for her fine glass-engravings, made several self portraits, wrote poetry, and played music. In 1669 she joined the commune of Labadists, a radical Protestant group, and withdrew her life in Utrecht as a celebrity, where she was known as 'The Star of Utrecht'.

Pierre Dupin (c.1690 - c.1751) was a French engraver.

Theodor Matham (1605/6 - 1676) was a Dutch engraver and publisher, active in Haarlem and Amsterdam, and shortly worked for the Galeria Guistiniana in Rome. He was the son of Jacob Matham and his two brothers Jan and Adriaen were also engravers.

Hollstein 134 (Matham), van Someren 5018, Le Blanc undescribed

Condition: Horizontal crease to top centre, to chin of sitter. Slight overall time toning. Slight ink offset to plate margins.
Framing unmounted
Price £50.00
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