Angelica and Medora

Method Stipple and copper engraving
Artist Francesco Bartolozzi after Giovanni Battista Cipriani
Published Published July 1st. 1787. by John & Josiah Boydell. No.90, Cheapside London.
Dimensions Image 230 x 290 mm, Plate 265 x 330 mm
Notes Titled in pencil below image.

Angelica and Medoro are two characters from the 16th-century Italian epic Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto. Angelica was an Asian princess at the court of Charlemagne who fell in love with the Saracen knight Medoro, and eloped with him to China. While in the original work, Orlando was the main character, many adaptations focused purely or mainly on the love between Angelica and Medoro, with the favourite scenes in paintings being Angelica nursing Medoro, and Angelica carving their names into a tree, a scene which was the theme of at least 25 paintings between 1577 and 1825.

Francesco Bartolozzi (1727-1815) was an Italian engraver. The son of a goldsmith, Bartolozzi studied painting in Florence, trained as an engraver in Venice and began his career in Rome. In 1763 Richard Dalton, art dealer and librarian to George III, met him and invited him to London, promising him a post as engraver to the king. Bartolozzi moved to London the following year, and remained for thirty-five years. He executed numerous engravings for the King. He also made many engravings of paintings by Italian masters and by his friend, the painter Giovanni Cipriani. In 1768 Bartolozzi was the only engraver to become a founder member of the Royal Academy of Arts. He moved to Lisbon in 1802 as director of the National Academy.

Giovanni Battista Cipriani (1727-1785) was an Italian painter, and the first exponent of Neoclassicism in England. He played an important part in directing eighteenth-century English artistic taste. His first lessons were given to him by a Florentine of English descent, Ignatius Hugford, and then under Anton Domenico Gabbiani. He was in Rome from 1750–1753, where he became acquainted with Sir William Chambers, the architect, and Joseph Wilton, the sculptor, whom he accompanied to England in August 1755.

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