Andrew Hofer

Method Pen and ink drawing
Artist [Anonymous]
Published [c. 1810]
Dimensions Image 87 x 106 mm, Sheet 93 x 114 mm
Notes A tombstone with "Andrew Hofer" inscribed, featuring a cross on top of the stone, and a small boy dressed as a soldier weeping by the grave. A sword and shield are lying at the foot of the grave.

Andreas or Andrew Hofer (1767-1810) was a Tirolean innkeeper and patriot, loyal to the Habsburgers and the Catholic Church. He was the leader of a rebellion against Napoleon's forces. Hofer fought for Austria against the French during the War of the Third Coalition. In 1809, he became the leader of a rebellion against Franco-Bavarian forces that led to the War of the Fifth Coalition. He was captured and executed in 1810, and has been celebrated as a folk hero ever since.

Condition: Pencil outlines still visible underneath the pen drawing.
Framing unmounted
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