An Improved Planetarium, Tellurian, and Lunarium. Rowley's Orrery.

Method Copper engraving with hand colouring
Artist John Lodge
Published Published according to Act of Parliament by C. Cooke, No. 17 Paternoster Row. [London, c.1790]
Dimensions Image 330 x 195 mm, Plate 340 x 210 mm, Sheet 390 x 235 mm
Notes An illustration of two astronomical scientific instruments, from the New Royal Encyclopaedia, or, Complete Modern Universal Dictionary of Arts & Sciences. At top, a heliocentric Planetarium demonstrates the orbits of the principal bodies in our solar system, as far as Saturn and its moons. Below, a larger illustration of Rowley's Orrery actually shows the Grand Orrery that was designed by the English astronomer and polymath Thomas Wright, who adapted it to extend as far as Saturn and its moons. Around the base of the orrery, the signs of the zodiac are shown pictorially on each of the sides of the dodecagonal base.

John Lodge (fl. 1754-1796) was a British print and mapmaker, trained by Thomas Jefferys (c.1719-1771) and active in London. He worked almost exclusively on commissions, producing individual maps for a variety of historical and geographical books, travel accounts, as well as magazines and periodicals. His maps are clear and finely engraved, with subtle decorations. He is not to be confused with his son, John Lodge the younger, who would become a printmaker in his own right, after studying with his father in 1785.

Condition: Time toning and creasing to edges of sheet. Binder's holes and rust stains to right margin. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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