An Exact Perspective View of Dunmow, late the Priory, in the County of Essex. With a Representation of the Ceremony, & Procession in that Mannor, on Thursday the 20 of June 1751.

Method Copper engraving and etching
Artist Charles Mosley after David Ogborne
Published Publish'd according to act of Parliament Jan.ry 1752.
Dimensions Image 300 x 525 mm, Plate 372 x 540 mm, Sheet 463 x 645 mm
Notes Depiction of Thomas and Ann Shakeshaft being carried in a sedan chair, from the door of the church, where they have taken an oath to the peace and happiness of their marriage, in return for a flitch of gammon, which is carried before them on a pole. In the left foreground, a stout butcher figure stands with his wig removed, mopping his brow. In around 1754, Charles Spooner engraved a portrait of the famous forty-stone butcher Jacob Powell (1717-1754), in a similar style to the butcher figure in this print.

Inscription beneath title reads: When Thomas Shakeshaft of the Parish of Weathersfield, in the County aforesaid / Weaver, & Ann his Wife came to Demand, & did Actually receive a Gammon of Bacon, / Having first kneelt down upon two bare stones, within the Church door, & taken the said / Oath, pursuant to the Antient Custom, in Manner & form prescribed as aforesaid.

With a description of the history of the custom in the left column, and'The Oath' in two columns on the right.

Charles Mosley (c.1720-1756) was a British engraver and occasional designer of book illustrations and satirical prints. He worked at The King's Arms and Key, Fleet Street (1738), Round Court in the Strand (1745), and Maiden Lane, Covent Garden. His stock in trade sold after his death at Prestage (1756).

David Ogborne was an English painter from Chelmsford, Essex. Active between 1740 and 1801, he was known for his depictions of curious beasts and extraordinary people.

Condition: Time toning to edges of sheet, not affecting image. Tears to left margin and corner of sheet
Framing mounted
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