An Emblem of England

Method Mezzotint
Artist [Anonymous]
Published Published by P. Stampa. Monday. 7. October. 1799.
Dimensions Image 321 x 252 mm, Plate 355 x 252 mm
Notes An allegorical representation of 'England'. The female figure is seen standing, full length slightly to the right. She is wearing a metal breast plate and a plumed helmet. In her left hand she is holding a standard of Great Britain and an olive branch in her right. She is stood on a striped flag, a lion stood behind her and a shield to the right. In the background is St. Paul's Cathedral with a large ship on the river in front.

Lennox-Boyd state i/ii later reworked
Ex.Col: Hon Christopher Lennox-Boyd.

Condition: Trimmed within plate into publication line on bottom.
Framing unmounted
Price £350.00
Stock ID 17010