Afrique, Copiee d'apres Tardieu par Mdelle. Alix Boe

Method Manuscript
Artist after Tardieu, Ambroise
Published Aout 1848
Dimensions 520 x 650 mm
Notes A large and well-executed manuscript map of the continent Africa, drawn by a 'Mademoiselle Alix Boe' following the cartography of Ambroise Tardieu. The map is most likely a copy of Tardieu's 1821 map of Africa. The continent is divided into large regional sections, each outlined in different coloured ink, and titled in French. Deserts are shown as heavily dotted patches, and sea coasts are shaded with parallel lines. Most of south eastern Africa is labelled as 'Contree Inconnue.' Adjoining parts of southern Europe, Arabia, and Asia are shown in outline only, though the islands of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans are given a fairly high degree of attention.

Ambroise Tardieu (1788-1841) was a French engraver, cartographer, and publisher. Although serving as a geographical engraver for the French government, he is best known for his portraits and maps, including those from his Atlas universel de geographie, ancienne et moderne, featuring a number of maps by or after Malte-Brun. His son, Auguste Ambroise Tardieu, was a prominent medical illustrator.

Condition: Two small puncture holes to sheet, near entries for 'Darfour' and 'Ile Socotora.' Water and ink stains to left and right edges of sheet. Small tear to bottom margin not affecting map. Ink and dirt staining on verso.
Framing unmounted
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