A Correct View of The Golden Lane Genuine Brewery

Method Mezzotint
Artist William Barnard after Dean Wolstenholme
Published London. Published Septr.1807, by Dean Wolstenholme, No.4. East Street, Red Lion Square.
Dimensions Image 452 x 597 mm, Plate 481 x 600 mm, Sheet 518 x 640 mm
Notes Inscription beneath title reads: Dedicated by permission to Mess.rs Brown & Parry and the Patrons and Friends of the Golden Lane Brewery. By their most obed.t hum.ble Serv.t D. Wolstenholme.

The London Genuine Beer Brewery (also known as the Golden Lane Brewery of Barbican) was founded in 1804 by William Brown and Joseph Parry when they took over the existing Combrune's Brewhouse. They wished to attack the London porter brewers who were selling (often adulterated) beer at fixed prices. Brown and Parry promised to sell their beer at discounted prices to the pubs and guaranteed its quality by using only malt and hops.

William Barnard (1774 - 1849) was an English mezzotinter active in London. He had premises at No.18, London Street, Fitzroy Square (1797-8) and No. 1, Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square (1806).

Dean Wolstenholme I (1757 - 1837) was an English painter best-known for his sporting scenes. Many prints were produced after his work, but he never engraved himself.

Chaloner Smith (not recorded), Crace XXV.109

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