1,2. Diplacanthus Crassispinus Ag. - 3,4. Dipl. Striatulus Ag. 5 Dipl. Longispinus Ag.

Method Lithograph with hand colouring
Artist Joseph Dinkel after Louis Agassiz
Published Neuchatel (Suisse) Soleure : Aux frais d e l'auteur.; Chez Jent et Gassmann. 1844-45
Dimensions Image 216 x 357 mm, Sheet 294 x 450 mm
Notes Plate 14, illustrating fossilised fish from Louis Agassiz's Monographie des poissons fossiles du Vieux Grès Rouge, ou Système Dévonien (Old Red Sandstone) des Îles Britanniques et de Russie (Monograph on Fossil Fish of the Old Red Sandstone, or Devonian System of the British Isles and of Russia). This book was intended as a supplement to his Recherches sur les poissons fossils his major work on fossil fish.

Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (May 28, 1807- December 13, 1874) was a Swiss born biologist, geologist, and naturalist. He did pioneering work on glaciers, extensive work on the classification of extinct and living fishes, and was a important figure to early modern scientific teaching in the United States.
Framing unmounted
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