United Nations Map of the World

Method Chromolithograph
Artist Bullock, Leslie George
Published John Bartholomew & Son LTD. Duncan Street, Edinburgh. 1948
Dimensions 700 x 960 mm
Notes A large and highly decorative mid-century world map, issued by Bartholomew and Sons to celebrate the formation of the United Nations, which came into being following the close of the Second World War. The map itself, on a Mercator projection, does not show individual borders, but the names of representative nations are listed. Numerous banderoles, ribbons, and banners contain references to peace and prosperity, mainly drawing from the classical and biblical canon, but also including excerpts from the UN's charter, and quotes from notable individuals. The very large and ornate border contains the crests of the 51 original member nations, as well as the names of their dependent states, protectorates, and territories. The crests of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the United Kingdom, the USA, the USSR, France, and China, are the largest, and the most prominently displayed at the top of the map. On either side of the border, icons comparing the development of concepts from antiquity to the modern era are shown, while along the top border are illustrations of the Arts.

Leslie George Bullock (1904-1971) was a British illustrator and poster artist, whose maps, mostly designed for children, were published and sold by John Bartholomew & Company. His mapmaking seems to have been more of a hobby than an actual source of employment, as he spent much of his working life as a civil servant, and his maps show an impressive depth and breadth of geographical and literary knowledge.

John Bartholomew & Son was founded by John Bartholomew Senior (1805 - 1861) in 1826. Initially the firm printed maps for external companies, though under John Bartholomew Junior and his son John George Bartholomew, the company achieved much greater success after making the decision to commission and print their own map series. In particular, the firm was responsible for the Times Survey Atlas of the World (1922) and successive Times Atlases.

Condition: Excellent condition. Laid to linen with vertical and horizontal folds as issued. Printed label and advert to front and back of covers.r
Framing unmounted
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