Tosei buyu den: Stories of Present Day Warriors

Method Woodblock (nishiki-e)
Artist Utagawa Kunikazu (c.1830-1919)
Published 1868
Dimensions Vertical Chuban [~7.5 x 10.7 inches]
Notes Signature: Kayoro Kunikazu
Publisher: Kawa-hiro
Series: Tosei buyu den: Stories of Present Day Warriors

Kunikazu Utagawa (c.1830-1919) was a Japanese artist and woodblock engraver. He had a famous teacher, the ukiyo-e artist Kunisada Utagawa, who at his time was considered the best ukiyo-e artist. Kunisada was quite successful and maintained a huge studio with many young students who may have produced a large number of the designs that were published under Kunisada's name. Most of Kunikazu's prints were actor and kabuki theatre subjects, but he made also a few landscape series.

Condition: Toning to sheet.
Framing mounted
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