Method Gouache
Artist after George Stubbs
Published c. 1830
Dimensions Image & Sheet 434 x 570 mm
Notes A fine hand painted copy of John Dixon's or Robert Laurie's mezzotint of George Stubbs' 'A Tigress'. It is noted in 'George Stubbs, The complete engraved works' Lennox-Boyd, Dixon, Clayton, that the mezzotint from which this is copied was "the most highly praised print after Stubbs in its day...it was taken from the life-size painting at Blenheim Palace which may have been the subject exhibited at the Society of Artists in 1769 as 'A Tyger' (no175). The print was exhibited by Dixon at the Society of Arts in April 1773 as 'A Tygress after G. Stubbs' (no99)". Dixon's plate was destroyed in a fire towards the end of the 18th century and in 1800 Robert Laurie made a replacement engraving.

This painting appears to have been influenced by both Dixon's and Laurie's engravings, taking details such at the finely engraved stripes to the fore legs of the tigress from Dixon's mezzotint but the highlighted background details from Laurie's 1800 printing.

Condition: Light rubbing to edges of sheet, light surface abrasion to stomach area of Tigress.
Framing unmounted
Price £1,000.00
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