The World in Planisphere

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Moll, Herman
Published [1701]
Dimensions 162 x 186 mm
Notes A very attractive double-hemisphere map with title in decorative banner. A plate from Moll's first solo publication, 'A System of Geography'. Page bears the title; 'Geography: or, a Particular Description of all the Known Parts of the Earth'. An insular California has been depicted, a model popularised in 1657 by Luke Fox (who unsurprisingly had never sailed anywhere near California). The smaller sphere in the centre of the banner shows a map of the northern hemisphere, with polar projection centred on the North Pole. The map shows a number of place names along with the names of the seas. A number of islands have been depicted speculatively, including New Holland (Australia) lacking an east coast, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Herman Moll (c.1654-1732) was born in Germany and came to England in the 1670s. He worked as an independent cartographer and geographer, and traded as a map publisher and seller for two years, and then worked for other publishers. Moll established his own business and eventually dominated the early eighteenth century map trade. He produced many maps and atlases of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. His county maps were all boldly engraved in a heavy style. Moll was also an active member in academic and intellectual circles, being a close associate of Daniel Defoe, Robert Boyle, Robert Hooke, and, most importantly for his cartographic career, the pre-eminent English explorer of the era, William Dampier.

Condition: Title of book folded to fit mount. Right side of page has been re-margined. Surface dirt.
Framing mounted
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