The Stratagem

Method Etching
Artist [Anonymous]
Published [c.1775]
Dimensions Image 200 x 245 mm Plate 250 x 300 mm Sheet 220 x 257 mm
Notes Two men flanking a woman in a bonnet are seated at a table with two unidentified men standing on either side. Drawings tacked to wall behind them appear to show, in one, the seated men hanged on a gallows (depicted as a skeleton), and in another the Devil throwing the woman into the Hellmouth. The image has been surmised to refer to the Perreau brothers (hanged for forgery in 1776) and their accomplice Mrs. Rudd. Lettering below title reads; 'This sketch represents the groupe who promoted and executed the plan by which an innocent person was try'd for her life and barely robb'd of her fortune'. Plate 18 from an unidentified work.

Condition: Some creasing and discolouration. Ink in top margin.
Framing unmounted
Price £120.00
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