The Radcliffe Infirmary, &c.

Method Copper engraving with hand colouring
Artist Joseph Skelton
Published Published as the Act directs Decr. 1. 1821 by J. Skelton Magdalen Bridge Oxford.
Dimensions Image 167 x 216 mm, Plate 216 x 292 mm, Sheet 273 x 342 mm
Notes In the tradition of the allegorical Oxford Almanack, in the foreground of this print, Dr. Radcliffe is conducted from the temple of Aesculapius by the Genius of Physic, who recommends the sick to his care. The new Radcliffe Infirmary can be seen in the background. This is a reduced version of the Oxford Almanac for the Year 1760, from Oxonia Antiqua Restaurata by Joseph Skelton. Skelton began publishing parts of this work from 1818 but it was not completed until 1820 and only fully published three years later in 1823.

Joseph Skelton (1781 - 1850) was an English engraver of topographical and antiquarian subjects. He is best-known for his plates in 'Oxonia Antiqua Illustrata' (1823), 'Engraved Illustrations of Antiente Arms and Armour from the Collection at Goodrich Court from the Drawings, and with the Descriptions of Dr. Meyrick' (1830) (2 vols), and Girault's 'Les Beautes de la France' (1850). He settled in France in the latter part of his life and was elected FSA in 1844. His brother William Skelton was also an engraver.

Condition: Minor overall time toning, but otherwise good impression with fine colouring.
Framing mounted
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