The Pictorial Map of Jerusalem

Method Lithograph
Artist Aleef, George
Published Copyright by Beyt-ul-Makdes Library & The Modern Press, Jerusalem. G. Aleef f. 1942.
Dimensions 350 x 490 mm
Notes A stylized pictorial city map of Jerusalem, designed by George Aleef for the Beyt-ul-Makdes Library. The map provides a fascinating snapshot of the city just five years before the outbreak of the Palestine War. The monuments and churches of Jerusalem are shown pictorially, and other religious, governmental, and municipal buildings and institutions are labelled. In the bottom right corner, a vignette depicts the city from Gethsemane with the Dome of the Rock prominently featured, and four smaller vignettes of key sites occupy the corners of a decorative border in the style of knotted olive wood.

George Aleef (1887-1970) was a Russian artist and orientalist, active for much of his life in the Holy Land. Having served as a bodyguard to Tzar Nicholas II, he fought in the White Russian Army, and following the Revolution fled to the Crimea, Istanbul, and then Palestine. After the Palestinian War, he moved to Jordan, where he established the first art college.

Condition: Vertical and horizontal folds as issued. Some minor holes and tears to folds. Insect damage and thinning to left margin. Faced on verso of top left panel with original card cover, featuring decorative border and three vignettes.
Framing unmounted
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