The Orrery

Method Copper engraved with early hand colour
Artist Hinton, John
Published Engrav'd for the Universal Magazine 1749 for J. Hinton at the King's Arms in St Paul's Church-Yard London.
Dimensions 185 x 228 mm
Notes An illustration of an Orrery, as well as four universal systems, from John Hinton's Universal Magazine. The orrery, an impressive piece of astronomical and technical ingenuity, is likely that which was made for Mr Watt's Academy by Thomas Wright, as it features the distinctive illustrations of the zodiac on each of its twelve sides. The remaining space is occupied by diagrams of the Ptolemaic, Copernican, and Tychonic systems, as well as a demonstration of orbits and their effect upon night and day, using Mercury, Venus, and Earth.

John Hinton (fl.1747-1779) was an English engraver, printer, and publisher, best known as the general editor and publisher of the Universal Magazine and its various supplements. The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure was published in London by Hinton, and later William Bent, on a monthly basis between 1747 and 1814. It collected together entries and numerous illustrations on a diverse range of topics, including history, geography, mathematics, philosophy, poetry, gardening, natural history, medicine, and biography.

Condition: Vertical folds, as issued. Minor time toning and foxing to margins and edges of sheet. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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