The Oarsman's and Angler's Map of the River Thames from its Source to London Bridge. One Inch to a Mile

Method Chromolithograph
Artist Ravenstein, Ernst Georg
Published London: Edward Stanford. Published by Edward Stanford, 12, 13 & 14, Long Acre, W.C. New Edition, 1901.
Dimensions Two panels 1325 x 160 mm each
Notes A folding map that follows the Thames from its source to London, issued as a practical guide for boaters or anglers on the river. The course of the river is depicted with distances from London Bridge noted, and indications of roads, towns, weirs, locks, toll paths, railroads, inns, farms, and much else along the way. Also included are notes on the various towns, docking places, ferries, and so forth, making this a guide that would have well prepared any boatman on the Thames in the 1860s. The map was revised and republished many times, from its first appearance in 1861 until at least as late as the Great War.

This is the '1901 New Edition' published by Stanfords. The numerous corrections and revisions of the map made since the original printing in 1861 mean that Stanford has dropped the original attribution of the map to E.G. Ravenstein. Unlike earlier editions, which were hand coloured, this example is chromolithographically printed, with key roads in yellow, green parks and commons, and of course the blue of the river. The original thick black and white barred lines of the railways have here been replaced with a simpler solid thin black lined scheme, as the rail network has expanded dramatically since the first printing.

Ernst Georg Ravenstein (1834-1913) was an Anglo-German cartographer and demographer, noted for his pioneering work on population and migration theory. Born in Frankfurt-am-Main, he became a naturalized British citizen, spending most of his working life in England, including as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, which awarded him the inaugural Victoria Gold Medal for his services to geography.

Condition: Laid to linen, as issued. Minor wear and splitting to folds, otherwise a clean crisp impression. Divided into two panels and framed in black box frames.
Framing framed
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