The Islands of Fero or Farro / The Form of the Whirlpool at the South East of Sumbo with the Soundings / Iceland

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Moll, Herman
Published By Herman Moll Geographer [London, c.1716]
Dimensions 180 x 255 mm
Notes A detailed trio of maps on one plate, illustrating the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and a Maelstrom off the southern coast of the Faroe islands, engraved by Moll as part of a suite of maps published as Twenty four new and accurate maps of the several parts of Europe, all (except the last) new done, according to the latest observations. The extent to which these maps were 'new done' is open to debate, as it appears many were reworkings of Moll's earlier plates. Certainly subsequent to this, most were reused in other publications, including later printings of Moll's most famous work the Thesaurus Geographicus and its successor the Atlas Geographus. This particular example shows three of the most interesting geographic features of the Norwegian Sea. The map of the Faroe islands is based upon the survey of Jacobson Debes, with the borders of each of the islands outlined in hand colour. In the bottom right, a boxed map of Iceland includes the characteristic volcanic peak of Hekla, while above, off the coast of Suðuroy is the famous Maelstrom that once churned around Monk Rock, before the rock collapsed in the nineteenth century, thus destroying the current that fed the famous vortex. The whirl of the maelstrom is marked with depth soundings.

Herman Moll (c.1654-1732) was born in Germany and came to England in the 1670s. He worked as an independent cartographer and geographer, and traded as a map publisher and seller for two years, and then worked for other publishers. Moll established his own business and eventually dominated the early eighteenth century map trade. He produced many maps and atlases of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. His county maps were all boldly engraved in a heavy style. Moll was also an active member in academic and intellectual circles, being a close associate of Daniel Defoe, Robert Boyle, Robert Hooke, and, most importantly for his cartographic career, the pre-eminent English explorer of the era, William Dampier.

Condition: Vertical folds as issued. Time toning to sheet. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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